Wishing you a Happy Holidar!

2017-01-24T20:07:19+00:00 December 19, 2016|Holiday|

It’s been quite a year for us at Phoenix. 

We’ve not only grown by a couple of new team members, but also rebranded, updated our website, set out some new social profiles, and are continuing to update ourselves, as well as our collateral to match what we believe Phoenix LiDAR Systems represents: a bold, innovation-driven tech company designing and building some of the most compact, accuracy competent, lightweight, multi-vehicle compatible 3D mapping and surveying solutions with a proven track record of 3rd party certified results.

And we could not have made it here without your support.  

Whether your project demands aerial drone scanning, shoreline mapping from boats, on the ground backpack terrain surveying, vegetation management from an ATV, open pit observation from a manned aircraft, or infrastructure visualizations from an automobile, Phoenix LiDAR Systems has a solution for you.