Phoenix Aerial Expands and Rebrands as Phoenix LiDAR

2017-11-03T22:44:04+00:00 January 1, 2017|Drones, LiDAR, TerraHawk, UAV|

Industry leader in UAV LiDAR technology expands in Los Angeles’ Culver City neighborhood

Los Angeles, CA — January 1, 2017 — Phoenix Aerial Systems, Inc., an industry leader in providing custom UAV LiDAR solutions, has announced its expansion and rebranding. The company, now known as Phoenix LiDAR Systems, Inc., has moved its headquarters from 3384 Robertson Place, Suite 102 in Los Angeles, CA, to 10131 National Blvd, in Los Angeles, CA.

The move comes after years of growth as the company takes on more domestic and international clientele. At their new Culver City location, all of Phoenix LiDAR’s various technology units are now able to work together under one roof–and under a new brand.

“Watching Phoenix LiDAR grow and then take on so many international clients has been a great validation of our idea to integrate LiDAR onto a UAV,” said CEO Grayson Omans, “no one had done that before, and it’s been fun to see the industry evolve with us.”

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Phoenix LiDAR Systems is an industry leader in building compact, survey-grade laser mapping and photogrammetry solutions, as well as cloud-based, automated data post-processing, enabling clients to collect detailed, 3D topographic information for a wide range of commercial and research applications, including engineering, construction, mining, and more. For more information, visit

Vu Mark Nguyen
Director of Marketing