Phoenix LiDAR Partners with JOUAV to Launch the TerraHawk CW-30, a VTOL/Fixed-Wing UAV Optimized for Long Distance LiDAR Mapping

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Sept 25, 2017, 08:00 PST from Phoenix LiDAR Systems

Today at the InterGeo tradeshow in Berlin, JOUAV and Phoenix LiDAR Systems unveiled the TerraHawk CW-30, a custom LiDAR equipped version of JOUAV’s popular CW-30 hybrid VTOL/fixed-wing aircraft. Hybrid VTOL / fixed-wing technology offers an innovative and logistically simple solution to the problem of takeoff and landing fixed-wing aircraft by combining the vertical takeoff & landing (VTOL) capabilities of a multirotor aircraft with the efficiency, speed, and flight endurance of a typical fixed-wing aircraft. The result is a reduced operational footprint – no runway requirement, no approach obstacle issues, no launch/recovery infrastructure required.

The TerraHawk CW-30 comes equipped with the Phoenix LiDAR Systems Ranger-LR-T, a custom, weight-optimized, complete LiDAR + Camera mapping system. This complete solution provides both high density LiDAR point clouds as well as high resolution ortho imagery. The Ranger LR-T is directly controlled via the JOUAV Ground Control Station for real time quality check and analysis. This pairing will map up to 52 km² in a single flight, absolute accuracy down to 2cm, and flight endurance of up to 120 minutes.

A highly portable and convenient design allows for transport/operation by only two technicians, and is flight-ready in less than 15 minutes. By eliminating launch & recovery equipment, there are significantly fewer items to transport and ship. Advanced automatic fail-safe mode with emergency multirotor landing capability means increased safety, and peace of mind for long range mapping missions.

Grayson Omans, CEO of Phoenix LiDAR Systems stated, “The TerraHawk CW-30 is our best-in-class LiDAR and imaging payload combined with the efficiency and safety of VTOL/fixed-wing technology. We’re thrilled to partner with JOUAV and introduce the TerraHawk CW-30 to the geospatial industry at InterGeo.”

For more information on the TerraHawk CW-30 visit JOUAV and Phoenix at InterGeo, co-located at booth IAS.B055, or visit

Phoenix LiDAR Systems, located in Los Angeles CA, is a leading systems integrator in the UAV LiDAR market.  The company builds compact, multi-vehicle compatible, survey-grade laser mapping & photogrammetry solutions.

Located in Chengdu China, JOUAV Automation Co. Ltd, is a leading manufacturer of multipurpose, high-quality, and superior performance UAV flight control systems. The company specializes in VTOL/Fixed-wing aircraft for commercial and military applications.

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