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The Alpha AL3-16

Phoenix LiDAR Alpha Series AL3-16
Phoenix LiDAR Alpha Series AL3-16 Aerial Mount on the M600
Phoenix LiDAR Alpha Series AL3-16 Car Mount

About the Alpha AL3-16

The Alpha AL3-16 contains all you need to collect precise survey data. Quality control the data in real-time and create a very dense and accurate georeferenced point cloud. The Alpha LiDAR sensor is easily upgradeable for future sensor options.


  • High accuracy due to precision Fiber Optic Gyro IMU
  • Fully autonomous, can be mounted on any drone, car, boat and/or even backpacks
  • Real-time point cloud transmission option via 4G or long-range wifi
  • Modular upgrade options: Dual LiDAR Sensors, DSLR, GeniCam, GigEVision, thermal, multispectral, hyperspectral and custom sensors
  • Accuracy independently verified by a third-party, ask for a copy of the white paper
  • Easily upgradable for future LiDAR sensors
  • Designed by surveyors for surveyors

AL3-16 Platform Specifications

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  • Absolute Accuracy:
    55 mm RMSE @ 40m Range
  • PP Attitude Heading RMS Error:
    0.009 / 0.017° IMU options
  •  Weight:
    2.5 kg / 5.5 lb
  • Overall Dimensions:
    15 L x 14 W x 24 H (cm)
  • Laser Range:
    40 m @ 60%
  • Scan Rate:
    300k shots/s, up to 2 returns
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Aerial – M600 Mount

Phoenix LiDAR Alpha Series AL3-16 Aerial Solution on the M600

AL3-16 Connections

Phoenix LiDAR Alpha Series AL3-16 Connections

Ground – Car Mount

Phoenix LiDAR Alpha Series AL3-16 Automotive Mount Solution
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