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Phoenix LiDAR Systems Disrupts the LiDAR Landscape Again

The commercial UAV LiDAR pioneer pushes industry boundaries with three new product announcements at INTERGEO 2018

Los Angeles, CA — Phoenix LiDAR Systems, LLC., the industry leader in commercial UAV LiDAR systems, is proud to announce its three newest LiDAR solutions that will challenge LiDAR conventions once again at INTERGEO 2018, the world’s largest trade fair in the field of geodesy, spatial data and land management. The Pioneer P10, Phoenix SLAM and AIR NavBox are all designed to increase flexibility, range and efficiency in customers’ LiDAR acquisition workflow more than ever.

“We take great pride in pushing the boundaries of what technology allows us to do, and our newest products provide an unprecedented range of power, density and flexibility,” says CEO Grayson Omans. “We’re always looking for ways to impact the important work our clients are doing for the better.”

The three newest additions to the Phoenix LiDAR family of products are headlined by the Pioneer P10. Scheduled for a US-release in late 2018, the long-range laser sensor weighs only 3.8kg and is a purpose-built, UAV LiDAR mapping system with a high-power 1550nm laser. Most impressively, the Pioneer P10 allows users to finally fly at the maximum regulation AGL of 120m (400ft) and scan more area per flight due to its unique ability to focus all 640k points over a downward looking 110-degree field of view. Surveyors and LiDAR professionals can expect an increase of 300% in ground point density as compared to most other models at a comparable price point that spin the laser 360 degrees, resulting in wasted data. Its 300m laser range also makes the Pioneer P10 ideal for achieving the best range and power for challenging scans such as high vegetation penetration above 100m with up to three returns.

Late 2018 will also see the launch of Phoenix LiDAR’s new AIR NavBox. The newest generation, ultra-lightweight (450g) rover will help meet the rigorous demands of various industries and applications by greatly increasing flexibility in two key areas: configuration of heavier payloads for the DJI M600 series, such as Phoenix LiDAR’s 5kg, RANGER LR-LITE paired with the Phase One iXM; and higher range with the highest resolution cameras on the market. The new Phoenix LiDAR AIR NavBox offers the most industry-altering capabilities in a tiny box not much bigger than a standard-size computer mouse.

The new Phoenix SLAM, slated for an early-2019 release, makes Phoenix LiDAR products more versatile by offering a dependable tool for mapping GPS-denied environments, such as underground mines and indoors. With the addition of augmented reality glasses, any Phoenix LiDAR SCOUT series model can be converted into a SLAM-compatible solution using the on-board software, navigation system and sensor for SLAM. Additionally, the Phoenix SLAM extends previous mapping solutions by supporting hybrid mapping modes: sparse GNSS fixes before, during and after SLAM acquisition can be used to eliminate drift and properly reference data in space and time. Existing ground control points can also be tied into the solution to ensure that deliverables align with ground truth.

The announcement of the Pioneer P10, Phoenix SLAM, and AIR NavBox comes on the heels of Phoenix LiDAR’s LiDARMill launch, the first cloud-based, fully-automated LiDAR post-processing tool which helps reduce costs by leveraging cloud computing to automate post-processing. Phoenix LiDAR’s new platform enables even more companies to take advantage of the detailed 3D data which LiDAR offers.

For more information, please visit the Phoenix LiDAR booth (#12.0A.101) at INTERGEO 2018 from October 16-18, 2018 or

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Phoenix LiDAR Partners with JOUAV to Launch the TerraHawk CW-30, a VTOL/Fixed-Wing UAV Optimized for Long Distance LiDAR Mapping

Sept 25, 2017, 08:00 PST from Phoenix LiDAR Systems

Today at the InterGeo tradeshow in Berlin, JOUAV and Phoenix LiDAR Systems unveiled the TerraHawk CW-30, a custom LiDAR equipped version of JOUAV’s popular CW-30 hybrid VTOL/fixed-wing aircraft. Hybrid VTOL / fixed-wing technology offers an innovative and logistically simple solution to the problem of takeoff and landing fixed-wing aircraft by combining the vertical takeoff & landing (VTOL) capabilities of a multirotor aircraft with the efficiency, speed, and flight endurance of a typical fixed-wing aircraft. The result is a reduced operational footprint – no runway requirement, no approach obstacle issues, no launch/recovery infrastructure required.

The TerraHawk CW-30 comes equipped with the Phoenix LiDAR Systems Ranger-LR-T, a custom, weight-optimized, complete LiDAR + Camera mapping system. This complete solution provides both high density LiDAR point clouds as well as high resolution ortho imagery. The Ranger LR-T is directly controlled via the JOUAV Ground Control Station for real time quality check and analysis. This pairing will map up to 52 km² in a single flight, absolute accuracy down to 2cm, and flight endurance of up to 120 minutes.

A highly portable and convenient design allows for transport/operation by only two technicians, and is flight-ready in less than 15 minutes. By eliminating launch & recovery equipment, there are significantly fewer items to transport and ship. Advanced automatic fail-safe mode with emergency multirotor landing capability means increased safety, and peace of mind for long range mapping missions.

Grayson Omans, CEO of Phoenix LiDAR Systems stated, “The TerraHawk CW-30 is our best-in-class LiDAR and imaging payload combined with the efficiency and safety of VTOL/fixed-wing technology. We’re thrilled to partner with JOUAV and introduce the TerraHawk CW-30 to the geospatial industry at InterGeo.”

For more information on the TerraHawk CW-30 visit JOUAV and Phoenix at InterGeo, co-located at booth IAS.B055, or visit

Phoenix LiDAR Systems, located in Los Angeles CA, is a leading systems integrator in the UAV LiDAR market.  The company builds compact, multi-vehicle compatible, survey-grade laser mapping & photogrammetry solutions.

Located in Chengdu China, JOUAV Automation Co. Ltd, is a leading manufacturer of multipurpose, high-quality, and superior performance UAV flight control systems. The company specializes in VTOL/Fixed-wing aircraft for commercial and military applications.

For Details Contact:
Bianca Fuchs 323-577-3366
Marketing Director


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Tree Height Estimation using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Remote Sensing

The rise of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) usage across industries has led to incredible developments within the field of remote sensing.

UAVs have already been deployed to estimate vegetation height using a variety of sensors in agriculture and forestry. Current solutions allows surveyors to utilize HD consumer grade cameras in combination with LiDAR – enabling cheaper, faster remote sensing options than traditional photogrammetric and remote sensing practices. Additionally, Phoenix’ proprietary software in combination with sensors such as: NIR (near infra red), and/or multi- and hyperspectral cameras empower operators to acquire and fuse hi-res, two-dimensional image data with 3D point cloud data. These combined solutions can be applied across vegetation and topography, producing high resolution point clouds for projects like monitoring landscapes undergoing continuous changes. The most innovative surveying technology in this field has been proven to provide an increase in overall data accuracy than using either traditional sensing method on its own. High spatial and spectral resolution of this type of acquired data is necessary for an array of workflows: from properly classifying vegetation, to measuring 3D canopy structures, vegetation density, and even to specifying individual plant species, along with correlating plant health data.

Phoenix LiDAR Systems makes it possible to capture high resolution RGB (full colorized imagery) and other spectral bandwidths (thermal to hyperspectral), ortho-imagery, point cloud classification, digital terrain and elevation models within a well planned flight. Phoenix LiDAR Systems offers time and cost saving LiDAR solutions, introducing a more sustainable and non-destructive data acquisition option using multi-vehicle ready remote sensing systems.

Whether you’re calculating canopy heights and tree growth rates for power line and utilities management, ecosystems research and monitoring, or for vegetation management of gas and oil corridors, Phoenix has the right tool for your needs. View and experience point clouds within your browser by clicking this link -> sample data here.

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Phoenix LiDAR Gearing up for InterGEO in Berlin September 26-28, 2017

Phoenix is getting ready for this upcoming InterGEO event in Berlin, Germany, September 26-28. Our biggest event of the year and the world’s No. 1 event for the geospatial community, InterGEO 2016 hosted 17,600 professional visitors from more than 107 countries across industries such as: land management, agriculture and forestry, remote sensing, geology, mining, spatial and land use planning, and more.

This year’s show will be focusing on the European Space Station’s COPERNICUS project, an EU initiative aimed at developing European information services based on satellite Earth Observation and in situ (non-space) data, acknowledging the growing importance of remote sensing. Further highlights of the event will include innovation across smart city/digital city planning and building, as well as the newest developments and applications within the unmanned aerial systems industry at the Interaerial Solutions section of the trade show.

Phoenix’ CTO, Dr. Ben Adler, will be hosting a brief conference talk Wednesday, September 27th from 1:30pm-2:00pm with debuting our newest Phoenix UAV + LiDAR data post-processing tools at the the IASEXPO InnovationsFORUM. Also make sure to catch our live flight demo at the Flightzone before the talk Wednesday, September 27th at 10:30am.

Leaving you with some impressions from last year and looking forward to seeing you this year!

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The Phoenix LiDAR Systems SCOUT

Meet the Phoenix LiDAR Systems SCOUT,  an excellent combination of weight, cost, performance & capabilities. Modular components exist for LiDAR mapping, multi/hyperspectral sensing, hybrid-SLAM and photogrammetry. Multiple options exist for higher density and/or more accurate point clouds. For more information on this product click here or get in touch with us at

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Visit us at Commercial UAV Expo Europe – Brussels

Our first day at the inaugural Commercial UAV Expo Europe has been incredibly successful. We’ve had the chance to answer very interesting questions and meet an array of people from all industry backgrounds. Phoenix LiDAR Systems is excited to bring our surveying solutions further into the European market. Stop by booth #308 and chat with our representative, David Song, about your remote sensing related questions, and how Phoenix has a multi-vehicle flexible system to match your application needs.

Click here to learn more about the Commercial UAV Expo Europe.

For more questions about us and our products don’t hesitate to reach us at

And stay tuned – our next European show will be at this year’s InterGEO in Berlin, Germany. If you weren’t able to make it to Brussels this year, make sure to stop by Berlin September 26-28, 2017.

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Phoenix LiDAR Systems Video Teaser 2017

Phoenix LiDAR Systems offers a range of vehicle-flexible LiDAR solutions for your remote sensing needs. This video features the Phoenix LiDAR Systems AL3-32 with HD RGB imagery upgrade performing a quarry scan attached to the Freefly Systems Alta 6. The AL3-32 is an optimal solution for mid-sized commercial UAVs with a recommended AGL of 60m, offering up to 700k shots/s and up to two returns. For more information on this or our other systems visit our product pages.

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Proudly Debuting the miniRANGER

Phoenix LiDAR Systems to exhibit the miniRANGER remote sensing solution at AUVSI’s XPONENTIAL 2017, the world’s largest tradeshow for unmanned systems.

Los Angeles, California, USA, April 5th, 2017 – Phoenix LiDAR Systems, a leading pioneer of UAV LiDAR mapping solutions, debuts their miniRANGER at booth #207 at XPONENTIAL 2017 from May 8th to 11th in Dallas. This is Phoenix’s newest addition to their impressive line of compact LiDAR solutions built for multi-platform use.

The miniRANGER laser mapping system takes UAV LiDAR to the next level. For the first time, customers with mid-size multi-rotors, such as the DJI M600, can simultaneously acquire survey grade LiDAR and high resolution RTK photogrammetry at up to a 100m operating flight altitude (above ground level).

“Phoenix LiDAR Systems is proud to showcase the miniRANGER at an expansive event like XPONENTIAL. The 2.6kg miniRanger with its impressive 300 meter laser range fills a huge AGL gap in the light-weight UAV LiDAR market. Today, most commercially available UAV LiDAR systems in this weight range max out at a 50 meter AGL. The miniRanger doubles this range, resulting in double the area covered, maximizing ROI and significantly minimizing risk.” – Grayson Omans, CEO

Boasting a number of impressive features, this lightweight remote sensing system offers up to 5 returns per pulse at 100,000 shots per second and centimeter level accuracy.

Combined with the Phoenix 42-megapixel RTK photogrammetry package, the miniRanger is the ultimate all-in-one payload for customers looking for medium-size UAV mapping solutions. The miniRANGER is also available with a variety of add-on upgrade options such as: hyperspectral, multispectral, thermal and several other RGB options. These accessory options provide service providers with the ultimate flexibility depending on their application.

All these features make the miniRanger an agile and indispensable tool for a broad spectrum of remote sensing applications. Debuting at AUVSI’s Xponential, Phoenix will be offering customers a hands-on product experience, as well as insight into all of Phoenix LiDAR Systems’ solutions.

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