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Phoenix Cloud Viewer

Analyze your UAV LiDAR data online.

Confirm data accuracy, toggle classification layers, and perform measurements on the data you collected–all from your online browser.

Explore all the features of our powerful Cloud Viewer in the video below, then optimize your browser settings for best performance.

Browser Optimization (Optional)

Phoenix Cloud Viewer shows detailed LiDAR data that can be a challenge for some computers. Please note:

  • We recommend Chrome/Safari with few or no other tabs open.
  • Once the point cloud opens, click the menu and set the “point budget” to the highest available value.
  • Want a smoother experience? Set your browser to use your NVIDIA graphics card, if equipped.

Dive into the data! Explore the sample point clouds by using these tools:

  • Mouse (recommended): Left Click: rotate / Right Click: change position / Scroll: zoom
  • Classification Filter: toggle on/off all items of a specific class, like vegetation, water, structures, etc.
  • Tools: leverage LiDAR’s laser accuracy by making measurements with these tools
  • Materials: view elevation, flight paths during acquisition, intensity of laser pulse returns, etc.
  • And more!

Where to go from here…

You might have found this Phoenix Cloud Viewer tutorial by a variety of means. Here are a few common destinations from this page. You can use your training to examine real PLS UAV LiDAR data, or your own data from Phoenix LiDARMill, or continue exploring our website.

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