What Our Clients Say


"Phoenix Lidar has been a valued partner in our growth and a large part of our success by providing an exceptional level of customer support, product innovation and experience. We proudly fly only Phoenix Lidar Systems LIDAR sensors."

Michael Burns 
President, Pioneer Exploration Consultants Ltd. 




"The PLS team are industry experts from the initial purchase qualifications to the continued interaction and support/training after delivering the LiDAR system. PLS has met and exceeded our expectations; PLS will continue to be our go-to LiDAR systems provider for sUAS/mobile LiDAR needs."

Robert Box
Geospatial Manager, Topographic Land Surveyors




"Phoenix LiDAR has provided Coleman Engineering Company a smooth introduction into the field of mobile LiDAR. The support has been phenomenal. Any question that was asked was answered in a reasonable amount of time.”


Brandon Kupitz
P.S., CFEDS, UAS Pilot, Coleman Engineering




“I appreciate that Phoenix has more conservative numbers on their website, and we have been able to meet & exceed the accuracies claimed by Phoenix, verified using ASPRS standards.”


Greg Stamnes
ASCT, CMS - Geospatial Manage, Caltech Group




“We have been able to bid on and win numerous projects just based off of our RANGER-XL LiDAR system. Being able to utilize that system in such a variety of project types and industries allows for a faster return on investment.”


Eric Goetsch
VP of Helicopter Operations, R&D, SkySkopes


"The processing software is world class and allows us to meet needs for our clients that no one else can offer to the industry. If you’re in the survey industry I would highly recommend PLS for any drone/lidar needs you might have."


Taylor Onley
Geospatial Party Chief, Topographic Land Surveyors




"Since we started using SE7, our workflow has now been made even easier as it is now done in a single software suite. The biggest advantage for us is the post processing of mobile data which was always a challenge in a 3rd party software we previously used."


Nick White
Director, Southwest Surveys