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The HALO series LiDAR scanners are made for high altitude high efficiency mapping. City scale lidar projects are easily achievable with swath widths reaching 4,000 m. Selectable measurement rates up to 1 MHz and line speed up to 250 per second can be tuned to meet challenging pulse density specification.
The HALO-10 is available in two different models; the HALO-10CM and HALO-10LR. The CM variant is designed for city and corridor mapping applications. The LR variant is a general-purpose longer range mapping system and can accommodate greater terrain relief due to its higher maximum flying heights.


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RMSE @ 750 Range


Shots per Second


Rec. Max AGL


@ 20% Reflectivity



Custom LiDAR Solutions

Phoenix LiDAR Systems

Build the system you need to meet the growing demands of your clients in varying industries, from mining to agriculture and construction to forestry.

  • Survey-Grade (cm-level) accuracy with 2000m+ laser range and outstanding intensity calibration on high altitude and high speed missions
  • Penetrates vegetation to produce accurate results
  • Complete Acquisition/Post-Processing training available (fees may apply)
  • Phoenix Software Suite w/unlimited license; plus NovAtel & Terrasolid options also available (fee may apply)
  • High accuracy due to precision Fiber Optic Gyro IMU
  • Live/Remote Data Feed: View and analyze data in real time or transmit live data to remote viewers via 4G connection
Optional Upgrades
  • Aerial systems
  • IMU and dual-GPS upgrade options for increased accuracy
  • Integrated UHF radio modem
  • Optional ground vehicle & UAV mounts/accessories
  • Service plans 

Flexible Mounting Options

The HALO-H10 is designed for mounting on a wide variety of rotorcraft. Combine the power of the HALO-H10 system with our industry leading MissionGuidance software to confidently and accurately execute manned data acquisition missions.


Point Density Speed & Altitude



Phoenix Software Suite

Phoenix LiDAR Systems provides a proprietary complete software suite for streamlined acquisition, geo-referencing, data fusion, export and post-processing in the cloud.