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Phoenix LiDAR builds custom, survey-grade laser mapping systems + automation software for flight planning, acquisition, and post-processing.

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Phoenix LiDAR leverages the latest laser mapping technology, enabling you to gather precise, survey-grade data using systems mounted on aircraft, drones, vehicles, vessels, and even backpacks.

Use your LiDAR system to capture topography, inspect utility installations and construction sites, map disaster areas, conduct research for urban development, and more.

Phoenix LiDAR High Voltage Powerline Pointcloud

Utility Infrastructure

Detect ground wires, guy-wires, and more, even when equipment is obstructed by vegetation

Collect reliable position data on small targets with dense laser measuring configurations

Monitor vegetation encroachment on equipment and survey damage after natural disasters

Phoenix LiDAR Pipeline Pointcloud and RGB Fusion

Oil and Gas

Conduct accurate aerial surveys in a fraction of the time, and without sending teams into dense vegetation

Leverage high point-density to locate and prepare 3D models of pipelines and other equipment

Discover erosion and other threats around supporting structures and access paths before problems develop

Phoenix LiDAR Development Planning / Modeling Elevation Scan

Development Planning

Maximize efficiency by combining ground and aerial scans

Enhance visual model accuracy by fusing RGB imagery with high density point data to map structures and monitor vegetation near structures

Generate accurate elevation data with precision, survey-grade laser data

Phoenix LiDAR Mining Pit Pointcloud


Explore areas of interest from the air in less time, and without sending teams into dense vegetation

Generate precise volumetric measurements in low or no light environments

Leverage 360° laser field-of-view to measure elevations and obstacles in a planned mining area

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