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We’re serious about LiDAR.

Phoenix LiDAR was first to launch a commercial UAV LiDAR system, and we use our experience to serve our clients around the world.

We’re always learning and adapting based on feedback from our global community of surveying professionals. With their collaboration, we’ve continued to develop a number of industry “firsts” and look forward to helping you to solve your LiDAR challenges.

If you have a LiDAR challenge, we have a LiDAR solution

Phoenix LiDAR packages enable you to serve your clients with confidence. Our systems maximize flexibility, real-time feedback, autonomy, and savings.

  • Phoenix clients love flexibility. We maximize your investment by building LiDAR mapping systems that can be mounted on aircraft, drones, vehicles, vessels, and even backpacks.
  • Phoenix clients love real-time data. Our software enables you to see your data live as you scan, giving you confidence that you’re collecting the information you need before packing up for the day. Higher-end Phoenix systems also support live 3D color point clouds!
  • Phoenix clients love autonomy. It’s your system and your data. We provide training so you know how to leverage your LiDAR capabilities to serve even more clients. And if you ever get stuck, we’re a message away.
  • Phoenix clients love saving money. Acquiring data is only half the job. Post-processing can be an investment in the tens of thousands of dollars. With a subscription to Phoenix LiDARMill, you can save thousands on basic post-processing.

UAV LiDAR Systems


Scout Series

Combining low cost and weight with solid performance, the Scout is an excellent entry-level LiDAR system.

Alpha Series – AL3-32

Alpha Series

The AL3-32 is a strong candidate for high density, survey-level applications at an entry-level cost.


miniRANGER Series

With up to 5 returns per laser pulse, the miniRANGER excels in efficiency and accuracy.

Ranger Series


Our strongest system, the RANGER produces precise data even at high scan speeds and system altitudes.

LiDAR Systems for Phoenix TerraHawk UAVs



Our most powerful system, the RANGER, designed for the TerraHawk CW-30 Fixed-Wing + VTOL UAV.

Planning, Flying, & Post-Processing

Phoenix Flight Planner - Phoenix LiDAR Systems

Phoenix Flight Planner

Use Flight Planner to optimize your flight plan, review estimated LiDAR data quality, and upload a terrain-following KMZ directly to your UAV saving you valuable time.

Phoenix Flight Planner
Phoenix LiDAR Acquisition Software

Phoenix Software Suite

Our software suite helps you manage your data with real-time mapping, analysis, conversion, and many other tools to increase efficient acquisition.

Phoenix Software
Phoenix LiDARMill Cloud Post Processing - Phoenix LiDAR Systems

Phoenix LiDARMill

LiDARMill automates much of the post-processing workflow, saving time and money so that companies can take on even more LiDAR operations.

Phoenix LiDARMill

Need more Information?

A robust LiDAR system is an investment for any sized team. We serve clients around the world by understanding their needs and recommending systems that fit their criteria and budget.

Contact us to learn more about how Phoenix can help you serve your clients.

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