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LiDARMill is the first cloud-based LiDAR post-processing platform.

LiDAR acquisition is only half the job: our goal is to decrease the time and cost for users to process their raw data into a calibrated point cloud with basic ground/non-ground classification.

LiDARMill, or “The Mill” enables surveying teams to take advantage of precision laser mapping without investing in expensive post-processing software and training.

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Who Benefits from LiDARMill?

LiDAR post-processing involves costly hardware, software, and training. By processing in the cloud, surveyors save money.

  • Photogrammetry service providers who are exploring LiDAR as an option to expanding their offerings
  • LiDAR surveying companies that want to invest more in hardware and save on post-processing software costs
  • Educational LiDAR users and researchers who need to collect and analyze LiDAR data while limiting overall program expenditures

How Does “The Mill” Work?

LiDARMill Navigation Trajectory - Phoenix LiDAR Systems

Step 1: NavLab

This trajectory module processes inertial and GNSS data in forward and reverse–several times–for the greatest possible accuracy.

LiDARMill Fusion - Phoenix LiDAR Systems

Step 2: Fusion

The processed trajectory is then fused with 3D LiDAR data to create an unfiltered LAS file, which can be further refined through other processing pipelines, like flight line matching, filtering, and more.

Step 3: Export

The refined data is calibrated and “de-noised” into a point cloud with basic “ground/non-ground” classification and exported in the industry-standard LAS file format.

LiDARMill Basic Training

LiDARMill in the Workflow

Our cloud post-processing platform helps to lower the budgetary and technical burdens typically associated with LiDAR post-processing, making it more accessible to many.

LiDARMill Overview

The Mill is designed by LiDAR experts for surveyors of all skill levels. This quick video explains how it all works.

We’re LiDAR Problem Solvers

It’s great to be first, but we want LiDARMill to be robust–after all, it carries the Phoenix name. To that end, we’re offering LiDARMill free during its beta test period to compatible users who send suggestions each month. Just click the “?” icon after logging in!
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