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Frequently Asked Questions about LiDARMill beta

How do I sign up for LiDARMill?

LiDARMill is a subscription cloud service for LiDAR post-processing. To sign up for the free beta period throughout 2017, just register here.

Does LiDARMill work with Riegl and Velodyne sensors?

Yes, and yes! LiDARMill works with industry leading LiDAR brands and we’re always working to to expand that list even further. Not sure if your system is compatible? Just get in touch and we’ll help you check.

My LiDAR system uses NovAtel. Will it work with LiDARMill?

Yes, we’re glad to work with LiDAR systems that use NovAtel.

My LiDAR system uses Applanix. Will it work with LiDARMill?

LiDARMill works with industry leading brands like Riegl, Velodyne, NovAtel, and more, though we’re still working on expanding compatibility with even more brands, like Applanix (coming early 2018).

How long is LiDARMill Free?

We’re making The Mill free to compatible users who send monthly feedback that helps us build a great platform. Click on the “?” icon after you’ve logged in to let us know what you love and what you’d love to see! Once your free period expires, just contact us and we’ll renew it.

What is the Setup Fee?

All Phoenix LiDAR systems are compatible with LiDARMill, and while we’re constantly working to increase compatibility with any LiDAR system, some systems will require extra time for custom configuration. If that’s necessary, our team will let you know how much it might cost based on an estimate of hours at a fixed rate.

We’d like to thank artists Landan Lloyd, Andrejs Kirma, and Chinnaking for some of the artwork used on the LiDARMill page, courtesy of The Noun Project.