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This system features an impressive recommended AGL of up to 75 meters, filling a major AGL gap in the ultra-lightweight UAV LiDAR market.
With the photogrammetry package, operators of mid-size multirotors, like the DJI M600 Pro or the DJI M300 RTK, can now simultaneously acquire survey-grade LiDAR data and high resolution 42 MP RTK photogrammetry at up to 100 m operating flight altitude. With options for photogrammetry, multispectral, hyperspectral, and thermal imaging, the MiniRANGER LITE is one of Phoenix’s most popular and flexible systems. This system is available in UAV, vehicle, and backpack configurations.


RMSE @ 75 Range


@ 60% Reflectivity


Rec. Max AGL





Featuring the Phoenix LiDAR AIR NavBox

This RANGER system includes Phoenix LiDAR’s AIR NavBox. The newest generation, ultra-lightweight rover will help meet the rigorous demands of various industries and applications by greatly increasing flexibility in key areas:

  • Reducing weight to allow longer flight-times on lighter UAVs.

  • Much improved data throughput to accommodate multiple sensors producing more data as pixel count and pulse repetition frequencies increase.

The Phoenix LiDAR AIR NavBox offers the most industry-altering capabilities in a tiny box not much bigger than a standard-size computer mouse.

  • Dimensions:
    60 x 125 x 50 mm

  • Weight: 450g

  • Control via button, 4G, wifi/ethernet

    Custom LiDAR Solutions

    Phoenix LiDAR Systems

    Build the system you need to meet the growing demands of your clients in varying industries, from mining to agriculture and construction to forestry.

    • Ideal for configuring heavier mapping payloads on the DJI M600 or the DJI M300
    • Survey-Grade (cm-level) accuracy with 250m+ laser range and outstanding intensity calibration on high altitude and high speed missions
    • Penetrates vegetation to produce accurate results
    • Free online tutorials available; PLUS complete Acquisition/Post-Processing/Pilot/Certification training also available (fees may apply)
    • Free Phoenix Software Suite w/unlimited license; plus NovAtel & Terrasolid options also available (fee may apply)
    • Live/Remote Data Feed: View and analyze data via 4G connection

    Optional Upgrades

    • Aerial systems
    • IMU and dual-GPS upgrade options for increased accuracy
    • Integrated UHF radio modem
    • Optional ground vehicle & UAV mounts/accessories
    • Service plans 

    Flexible Mounting Options

    The miniRANGER-LITE is designed to fly on more robust UAVs, including the M600 Pro, the M300 RTK and more. This system can also be adapted for vehicle configurations with Roof Rack or Suction Cups.

    LiDAR Sensor Specs


    Laser Properties: Class 1 (eye safe)



    Absolute Accuracy: RMSE @ 75m Range



    Range Accuracy: One Sigma @ 50m



    Range Min.


    100k points

    Scan Rate





    360°h degrees

    Field of View


    10-100 Hz

    Mirror Speed


    Angle Measurement Resolution


    ∆ϑ 0.05° ≤ ∆ϑ ≤ 0.5°

    Angular Resolution (Horizontal/Azimuth)


    160mm x 50mm

    Laser Beam Footprint @ 100m


    ∆ϑ 0.05° ≤ ∆ϑ ≤ 0.5°

    Angular Step Width (between consecutive laser shots)

    Point Density Speed & Altitude

    Phoenix Software Suite

    Phoenix LiDAR Systems provides a proprietary complete software suite for streamlined acquisition, geo-referencing, data fusion & export.

    Watch the miniRANGER in action.

    Visit our YouTube page for more videos, tutorials & more.