Genereate a Calibrated Point Cloud

PC Master and PC Painter software provides a user-friendly, simplified path to point cloud creation, and is the driving force behind the RECON series by Phoenix LiDAR Systems.

PC Master Suite allows the end user to fuse and colorize their point cloud data, providing a straightforward workflow for LAS export and will easily integrate with their own workflow for their specific use-case. PC Master Suite enables a truly simplified workflow and removes the headaches related to software training. With the one click PPK workflow, users can process their trajectory and LiDAR data together with minimal steps, producing a LAS file with extreme efficiency. The process extends from the ease of use of our RECON hardware, to the effortless function of PCMaster Suite.





From data acquisition to RGB extracted point clouds, PC Master features an automated data processing pipeline without the need for extensive user interference. PC Master provides a turn key trajectory and point cloud creation tool that solely requires a refined base station location to automatically refine navigation data and seamlessly optimize the .LAS point cloud.

PC Painter adds the ability to colorize the point cloud derived from PC Master. Users can inspect individual images and how they projectonto the point cloud, and radiometrically adjust images prior to extraction for optimized colorization. When combined with a Phoenix LiDAR Systems RECON payload, PC Master and PC Painter offer an end-to-end solution for geospatially accurate, easily processed, actionable data for a variety of needs.



  • Automated post processing
  • Organize your data, run PC Master and get a post processed point cloud in record time with minimal user input.
  • Fully Scriptable using command line for streamlined post processing without user involvement.
  • Manual Flightline Selection allows for customizable LAS output in any or all parts of the mission.
  • LAS output in local WGS UTM zone (meters) automatically.
  • Supports LiDAR, Camera, and Static Base Station data to produce a geospatially accurate colorized point cloud.
  • Ideal for small, repeatable acquisitions requiring fast turnaround and accuracy for inter-cloud measurements.
  • Filter LAS output by range, reflectance, other laser variables.
  • Trajectory processing with minimal user input. Corrects lever arm adjustments and automati- cally produces a PPK trajectory solution for use in point cloud creation.