Smart... Streamlined Workflow.

Phoenix LiDAR Systems bring you an unrivaled, comprehensive state-of-the-art solution to the low efficiency and sub par accuracy so commonly associated with aerial LiDAR imaging. 

  • Real-time Geo referenced point cloud - view what you're scanning... while you're scanning it!
  •  Full integration of on-board, autonomous LiDAR, IMU, GPS and CPU processing power.
  •  Real-time RTK differential correction data from a GPS reference station on a GCP for increased accuracy.
  •  Lightning fast download of data from the system's on-board 512GB SSD to our Fuser pgm. You can then export in .las format in about 25% of your flight time.
  • Photogrammetry upgrades allows tagged RGB and NIR imagery to be fused with LiDAR with ease.