Providing survey-grade LiDAR systems for your scanning needs.


Phoenix LiDAR Systems designs and develops compact and lightweight 3D laser mapping solutions for use with ground and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Our experienced team of surveyors, engineers and software developers are committed to delivering robustly engineered products which solve the problems and challenges faced by our customers.


A Range of Accuracy Solutions & their Benefits 

  • With rapid, remote sensing data collection combined with quick and easy data analysis, Phoenix LiDAR Systems enable you to undertake surveys and get precise results faster than ever before
  • Our systems are truly unique in that they enable operators to view the point cloud in real-time, making it possible to alter vehicle course if gaps in the point cloud are discovered
  • LiDAR mapping, particularly using a UAV, is a non-intrusive method to obtain detailed and precise geo-referenced data, while avoiding exposure of personnel to dangerous and sometimes hostile environments
  • All systems are designed to quickly adapt to all different kinds of vehicles such as UAVs, trucks, ATV's, boats, etc.

LiDAR Systems

Scout Series

Low cost, excellent accuracy, multi-vehicle compatible LiDAR mapping system 

Alpha Series – AL3-16

Multi-platform high definition LiDAR mapping system

Alpha Series – AL3-32

Enhanced accuracy, multi-platform high definition LiDAR mapping system

Ranger Series

Survey-grade LiDAR mapping system with precision LiDAR and Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG) IMU

Processing Software


Phoenix LiDAR Systems Software Suite

Our proprietary data processing software suite supports real-time mapping, analysis, replay, conversion and many other tasks.


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