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Powerful and Flexible UAV LiDAR

Phoenix’s RANGER Series

The RANGER Series is designed for the most demanding mapping applications, and is our best combination for range, density, and data quality.

Boasting up to 7 returns per pulse and a powerful 1,550 nm laser, the Ranger delivers unrivaled results and is ideal for long range and large scan areas. 

The RANGER comes in a variety of custom configurations, including the LR, LR-T, and the HA, depending on your needs.


  • Survey-Grade (cm-level) accuracy on high altitude and high speed missions
  • Powerful 1,550 nm laser penetrates dense vegetation to produce accurate results
  • Live Data Feed: Avoid acquisition errors by viewing and analyzing 3D data in the field
  • Remote Data View: Transmit live data to remote viewers using 4G or Long Range WiFi
  • Flexible Mounting: Maximize your investment by using the RANGER on a helicopter, drone, vehicle, or even backpack
  • Acquisition Upgrades: High-Res DSLR; RGB GigE Cam; thermal/hyperspectral/panoramic cameras, and more
  • Data Precision Upgrades: IMU and Dual GPS Options
  • Visual Range: 360° field of view
Phoenix RANGER on a Vehicle Mount - Phoenix LiDAR Systems
Phoenix RANGER on a Vapor 55 UAV - Phoenix LiDAR Systems

RANGER LiDAR Specifications

Specifications vary based on configuration and IMU options, etc.

Absolute Accuracy
25 / 35mm RMSE @ 250m Range

PP Attitude Heading RMS Error
0.007 / 0.009° IMU options

5.3 kg / 11.7 lb

Overall Dimensions
30.8 L x 18.0 W x 12.9 H (cm)

Recommended AGL
350 m

Scan Rate
750k shots/s, up to 7 returns

Phoenix RANGER on a Pulse Vapor 55 UAV - Phoenix LiDAR Systems
The Phoenix Ranger - Phoenix LiDAR Systems

To achieve the highest data accuracy, we integrate our proprietary Phoenix LiDAR hardware and software with a powerful RIEGL sensor.

See which Phoenix RANGER system is right for your team!

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