Ranger Series

Phoenix LiDAR Ranger Series RL1
Phoenix LiDAR Ranger Series RL1 on the PulseAerospace Vapor55
Phoenix LiDAR Ranger Series RL1 Automotive Mount

About the Ranger Series

The Ranger Series is designed for the most demanding mapping applications, no compromises made. With a 1350 meter laser range, this system produces photorealistic 3D point clouds of very large regions. The Ranger is a true universal payload in that it’s designed for manned and unmanned aircraft as well as ground vehicles.


  • Survey-grade (cm-level) accuracy with 1000m+ laser range and outstanding intensity calibration
  • IMU and dual-GPS upgrade options for increased accuracy
  • Modular upgrade options: Dual LiDAR Sensors, DSLR, GeniCam, GigEVision, thermal, multispectral, hyperspectral and custom sensors
  • Fully autonomous, can be mounted on any drone, car, boat and/or even backpacks
  • Designed by surveyors for surveyors

Ranger Series Specifications

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  • Absolute Accuracy:
    25 / 35mm RMSE @ 250m Range
  • PP Altitude Heading RMS Error:
    0.007 / 0.009° IMU options
  •  Weight:
    5.3 kg / 11.7 lb
  • Overall Dimensions:
    30.8 L x 18 W x 12.9 H (cm)
  • Laser Range:
    1350m @ 60%
  • Scan Rate:
    750k shots/s, up to 7 returns
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Financing Available via SCL Equipment Finance.
Applicable to US & Canadian residents only.

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Aerial – Vapor55 Attachment

Phoenix LiDAR Ranger Series RL1 Aerial Vapor55 Mount

Ranger Connections

Phoenix LiDAR Ranger Series RL1 Connections
Phoenix LiDAR Ranger Series RL1 alternative automotive mount option

Ground – Car Mount

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