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The RANGER-ULTRA+ adds range and density capabilities to an already unrivaled mapping system. It’s unique forward and rear looking field of view was designed to minimize laser shadowing and provide a high level of detail on vertical surfaces.
Pulse rates up to 2.4 MHz and the ability to be carried by a variety of aircraft make this a highly versatile system that is suitable for mapping at various scales in order to meet your unique project objectives.
The RANGER-ULTRA+ is ideal for corridor mapping applications such as utility, rail and pipeline inspection.


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*In stock and ready to ship



RMSE @ 350 Range


Shots per Second


Rec. Max AGL


@ 20% Reflectivity



Featuring the new Phoenix LiDAR AIR NavBox

The NEW RANGER LITE includes Phoenix LiDAR’s new AIR NavBox. The newest generation, ultra-lightweight rover will help meet the rigorous demands of various industries and applications by greatly increasing flexibility in key areas:

  • Reducing weight to allow longer flight-times on lighter UAVs.
  • Much improved data throughput to accommodate multiple sensors producing more data as pixelcount and pulse repetition frequencies increase.

The new Phoenix LiDAR AIR NavBox offers the most industry-altering capabilities in a tiny box not much bigger than a standard-size computer mouse.

  • Dimensions:
    60 x 125 x 50 mm

  • Weight

  • Control via button, 4g, wifi or ethernet


    Custom LiDAR Solutions

    Phoenix LiDAR Systems

    Build the system you need to meet the growing demands of your clients in varying industries, from mining to agriculture and construction to forestry.

    • Survey-Grade (cm-level) accuracy with 250m+ laser range and outstanding intensity calibration on high altitude and high speed missions
    • Penetrates vegetation to produce accurate results
    • Free online tutorials available; PLUS complete Acquisition/Post-Processing/Pilot/Certification training also available (fees may apply)
    • Free Phoenix Software Suite; plus NovAtel & Terrasolid options also available (fee may apply)
    • High accuracy due to newest-generation MEMS IMUs
    • Live/Remote Data Feed: View and analyze data in real time or transmit live data to remote viewers via 4G connection
    Optional Upgrades
    • Aerial systems
    • IMU and dual-GPS upgrade options for increased accuracy
    • Integrated UHF radio modem
    • Optional rotocraft & UAV mounts/accessories
    • Service plans 

    Flexible Mounting Options

    The RANGER-ULTRA+ is designed for mounting on a wide variety of rotorcraft. Combine the power of the RANGER-ULTRA+ system with our industry leading MissionGuidance software to confidently and accurately execute manned data acquisition missions.


    Point Density Speed & Altitude


    Phoenix Software Suite

    Phoenix LiDAR Systems provides a proprietary complete software suite for streamlined acquisition, geo-referencing, data fusion, export and post-processing in the cloud.