Explore Actual Data for a Range of

Phoenix LiDAR Configurations


Phoenix Cloud Viewer displays detailed LiDAR data that can be a challenge for some computers. To gaurentee the the best experience:

>  We recommend Chrome/Safari with few or no other tabs open
>  Once the point cloud opens, click the menu and set “point budget” to the highest available value
>  Want a smoother experience? Set your browser to use your NVIDIA graphics card, if equipped

Explore Phoenix LiDAR Sample Data:

Phoenix LiDAR Systems are designed with adaptability in mind. We offer a variety of sample datasets from all of our hardware solutions, collected from various vehicles, for many different use cases.


How to get the best user experience

Step 1: Watch Cloud Viewer Tutorial


Step 2: Explore sample point clouds by using these tools


  • Mouse (recommended): Left Click: rotate / Right Click: change position / Scroll: zoom
  • Classification Filter: toggle on/off all items of a specific class, like vegetation, water, structures, etc.
  • Tools: leverage LiDAR’s laser accuracy by making measurements with these tools
  • Materials: view elevation, flight paths during acquisition, intensity of laser pulse returns, etc.
  • And more!