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The Phoenix Scout-32 is a powerful, yet compact, mid-range member of the Scout Series. This lightweight system collects survey-grade data with an AGL range up to 65m and features multi-target capacity with up to 2 target echoes per laser shot.
An excellent option for building high-density point clouds of smaller scan areas, the Scout-32 also features options for photogrammetry, hyperspectral, thermal imaging, and more. Flexibility in sensing and mounting options is a key benefit of this Phoenix system.
*In stock and ready to ship


RMSE @ 50M Range


@ 60% Reflectivity


Rec. Max AGL


Points per Second



Custom LiDAR Solutions

Phoenix LiDAR Systems

Build the SCOUT system you need to meet the growing demands of your clients in varying industries, from mining to agriculture and construction to forestry.
  • Free online tutorials available; PLUS complete Acquisition/Post-Processing/Pilot/Certification training also available (fees may apply)
  • Free Phoenix Software Suite w/unlimited license; plus NovAtel & Terrasolid options also available (fee may apply)
  • Live/Remote Data Feed: View and analyze data in real time or transmit live data to remote viewers via 4G connection

Optional Upgrades

  • Aerial systems
  • IMU and dual-GPS upgrade options for increased accuracy
  • Integrated UHF radio modem
  • Optional ground vehicle & UAV mounts/accessories
  • Service plans 

Flexible Mounting Options

Flexibility in sensing and mounting options is a key benefit of this Phoenix system. The SCOUT-16 is designed to fly on UAVs, including the DJI M600 Pro, and can also be adapted for vehicle and backpack configurations.

LiDAR Sensor Specs




Laser Properties: Class 1 (eye safe)


Absolute Accuracy: RMSE @ 50m Range


Range Min/Max

700k points

Scan Rate



40°v/360°h degrees

Field of View

Point Density Speed & Altitude

Phoenix Software Suite

Phoenix LiDAR Systems provides a proprietary complete software suite for streamlined acquisition, geo-referencing, data fusion & export.


What Our Clients Say About SCOUT-32

  • Nick White, Director
    "Extremely happy with our Scout32, it really is the Swiss army knife of lidar systems which is exactly what we wanted! Having multiple mounting options available to us means we can deploy it on a range of projects. Being able to fly, drive and walk sites means we can capture a large amount of data quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Having the additional option of using the Scout32 in SLAM mode also means we can collect data in urban environments and inside woodland for instance when GNSS signal is limited."
    Nick White, Director
    Southwest Surveys

Watch the SCOUT-32 in action.

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