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The Phoenix Scout LiDAR Series


The Phoenix Scout-16 combines solid performance with light-weight hardware. Designed for multi-rotor UAVs, the Scout-16 is an excellent entry-level LiDAR system with flexible mounting options.

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The Phoenix Scout-32 is a mid-range system that packs enough power to tackle light vegetation, making it an excellent option for building high-density point clouds in smaller scan areas.

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The Scout Ultra is the strongest member of the Scout Series. This lightweight solution can be integrated with a multi-rotor or the fixed-wing VTOL Phoenix TerraHawk CW-20 UAV.

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Light-weight laser scanning at an entry-level cost


Low Cost, Low Weight, Solid Performance.

The Phoenix Scout-16 is an excellent entry-level, lightweight system with a 40 meter recommended AGL. A strong fit for smaller scan areas and teams on a budget, the Scout-16 also features options for photogrammetry, hyperspectral, thermal imaging, and more.

Flexibility in sensing and mounting options is a key benefit of this Phoenix system. The Scout-16 is designed to fly on UAVs, including the DJI M600 Pro, and can also be adapted for vehicle and backpack configurations.

System Features

  • Operating Range: Up to 40 m
  • Very Compact and Lightweight: 1.9 kg / 4.18 lbs
  • Multi-Target Capacity: Up to 2 target echoes per laser shot
  • Fast and Accurate Measurement: 300k shots/s, up to 600k points/s
  • Live Data Feed: View and analyze data in real time
  • Remote Data View: Transmit live data to remote viewers via 4G connection
  • Acquisition Upgrades: Dual LiDAR Sensors; High- Res DSLR; RGB GigE Cam; thermal, hyperspectral cameras; panoramic/spherical cameras; and more
  • Data Precision Upgrades: IMU Upgrade Options, Dual GPS Antenna Upgrade Options

Scout-16 Video Preview

Scout-16 LiDAR Specifications

Absolute Accuracy
55 mm RMSE @ 40 m Range

PP Attitude Heading RMS Error
0.019 / 0.074° IMU options

1.9 kg / 4.18 lbs.

Overall Dimensions
17 x 11.6 x 11.6 cm

Range Min/Max
1.0 m / 100 m

Scan Rate
300,000 shots/s, Up to 2 returns


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