Get a Complete Software Suite from Phoenix LiDAR Systems

Phoenix LiDAR Systems provides its proprietary software suite for streamlined acquisition, geo-referencing, data fusion & export, with your system purchase.

Learn about the latest SpatialExplorer 6.0 features.


New Software Features

  • Support for new cameras (e.g. PointGrey Ladybug5, RGB DSLR cameras, thermal cameras, multispectral & hyperspectral)
  • Support for new LiDAR sensors 3D map to better choose parts of the scan to extract as LAS
  • Direct-georeferencing point cloud colorization (no need to wait for photogrammetry results)
  • Tools for fast LiDAR boresighting and camera calibration allow remounting sensors without downtime
  • Export georeferenced photos with rich metadata
  • Easily export/convert raw data from Genicam cameras
  • Support for CHCX900+ GNSS reference stations, including UHF and 4G connectivity
  • Robust RINEX conversion for NovAtel/CHC reference stations
  • Support for Trimble and Leica SmartNet correction networks
  • Configurable real-time down sampling for complete visualization of longer/larger scans
  • Easily program rover-integrated UHF modems without leaving SpatialExplorer
  • Customizable Graphic User Interface
  • Support for complex/daisy-chained multi-camera setups for synchronous triggering, as well as external trigger inputs
  • Support timestamped logging of external data via RS232/TCP for 3rdparty sensors (e.g. pyranometers, geiger counters, ...)
  • Better camera management/image visualization during capture
  • Additional data layers (e.g. openstreetmap) allow for better orientation while capturing
  • Raw IMU frequency spectrum helps optimize vibration isolation on gas-powered helicopters and UAVs


  • Windows 10, 64bit
  • Minimum 16 GB RAM, more depending on pointcloud size (recommended >= 64GB)
  • OpenGL hardware support (recommended NVIDIA)
  • SSD for data storage and temporary processing data
  • Working internet connection for LiDARMill integration and for managing license activation

PLS SpatialExplorer

  • Enables in-field quality control and analysis
  • See what you’re scanning while you’re scanning it
  • Ensure a quality solution throughout the acquisition process
  • Calibrate camera settings on your own without needing to rely on sending in units for “vendor-only-calibration” or adjustments
  • Exceptional tool for training with how-to-fly visualizations
  • Create breath-taking, high quality marketing imagery of acquired scans
  • PLS SpatialLighthouse

  • Optional tool to configure reference stations
  • Retrieves and processes data from reference station
  • Streams real-time corrections (RTK trajectories & in-flight QA/QC)
  • Logs raw observations for post-processing
  • Supports NTRIP
  • Removes field clutter/range concerns with Leica & CHC reference stations by sending corrections directly to rover via UHF/3G/4G
  • Spatial Explorer Licensing Levels



    SE Basic

    SE Pro


    Export to LAS/LAZ

    Seamless fusing of trajectory, scanner, and imagery data into a LAS/LAZ output.

    Coordinate Reference System Management

    Complete control of input and output coordinate systems and geoids.

    Flightlines Management

    Customizable trajectory management for flightline/AOI isolation.

    QC - Cloud viewing & Manual Measurements

    Visualization of the point cloud through user-defined cross sections and measurement tools for point to point analysis. Visualize the point cloud through user-defined cross sections and measurement tools for point to point analysis.

    MTA Resolution

    Integrated MTA resolution for RIEGL scanner data converted into a compressed output.

    OpenStreetMap - Basemap

    Use of base-maps from OpenStreetMap.

    IMU Configuration Tool

    Calculator/converter for IMU orientation configuration or adjustment.

    Georeference Images

    Camera position and orientation export based on post processed trajectory for use in Pix4D Mapper, Agisoft Metashape or other photogrammetry software.

    Import and Colorize from Orthomosaic

    Functionality for orthomosaic import extraction of RGB(NIR) imagery.

    Importing LAS/LAZ files

    Universal LAS/LAZ import for multi-functional analysis and visualization of imported point clouds.

    LiDARSnap - Boresight & Trajectory Optimization

    Per-flightline trajectory optimization and Automated point cloud calibration with individual scanner corrections for fast, accurate point cloud creation.

    CameraSnap - Calibrate Camera

    Automated extrinsic and intrinsic camera calibration for cameras using collected imagery.

    Adjust to GCP

    Automated adjustment to surveyed ground control points in any coordinate system and geoid.

    Automated QC and Accuracy Reporting

    Customizable project reports with logical, quantifiable, and actionable analytics.

    Colorization - Color balance & Extraction

    Customizable radiometric adjustment, specialized extraction of multiple imagery types and preprocessing of hyperspectral datasets.

    Classification - Routines

    Automated and customizable classification routines including ground isolation and noise removal.

    Classification - Interactive Selections

    Logical and interactive classification tools using user-friendly selections and visualizations.

    Raster and Vector Products (DEM, DSM, Contours...)

    Creation of actionable output map products (Digital Elevation Models, Height Rasters and many more). Formation of accurate and aesthetic contour vectors for use in any GIS or CAD software.