Get a Complete Software Suite from Phoenix LiDAR Systems

Phoenix LiDAR Systems provides its proprietary software suite for streamlined acquisition, geo-referencing, data fusion & export, with your system purchase.

Learn about our latest Phoenix Spatial Explorer 5.0 features.

New Software Features

  • Support for new cameras (e.g. PointGrey Ladybug5, RGB DSLR cameras, thermal cameras, multispectral & hyperspectral)
  • Support for new LiDAR sensors 3D map to better choose parts of the scan to extract as LAS
  • Direct-georeferencing point cloud colorization (no need to wait for photogrammetry results)
  • Tools for fast LiDAR boresighting and camera calibration allow remounting sensors without downtime
  • Export georeferenced photos with rich metadata
  • Easily export/convert raw data from Genicam cameras
  • Support for CHCX900+ GNSS reference stations, including UHF and 4G connectivity
  • Robust RINEX conversion for NovAtel/CHC reference stations
  • Support for Trimble and Leica SmartNet correction networks
  • Configurable real-time down sampling for complete visualization of longer/larger scans
  • Easily program rover-integrated UHF modems without leaving SpatialExplorer
  • Customizable Graphic User Interface
  • Support for complex/daisy-chained multi-camera setups for synchronous triggering, as well as external trigger inputs
  • Support timestamped logging of external data via RS232/TCP for 3rdparty sensors (e.g. pyranometers, geiger counters, ...)
  • Better camera management/image visualization during capture
  • Additional data layers (e.g. openstreetmap) allow for better orientation while capturing
  • Raw IMU frequency spectrum helps optimize vibration isolation on gas-powered helicopters and UAVs

PLS SpatialExplorer

See Screenshot
  • Enables in-field quality control and analysis
  • See what you’re scanning while you’re scanning it
  • Ensure a quality solution throughout the acquisition process
  • Calibrate camera settings on your own without needing to rely on sending in units for “vendor-only-calibration” or adjustments
  • Exceptional tool for training with how-to-fly visualizations
  • Create breath-taking, high quality marketing imagery of acquired scans

PLS SpatialLighthouse

See Screenshot
  • Optional tool to configure reference stations
  • Retrieves and processes data from reference station
  • Streams real-time corrections (RTK trajectories & in-flight QA/QC)
  • Logs raw observations for post-processing
  • Supports NTRIP
  • Removes field clutter/range concerns with Leica & CHC reference stations by sending corrections directly to rover via UHF/3G/4G