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Looking for our documentation?

Everything in one spot! SpatialExplorer, LiDARMill, and all other technical documentation now lives on GitBook.

Data processing issue? Expedite your support case using LiDARMill

LiDARMill helps us troubleshoot post-processing issues quickly. All Phoenix LiDAR Systems customers can upload projects to LiDARMill for free. Once the data is uploaded, our support technicians can quickly start pipelines and review the processed results. If you've got a data set that you want us to take a look at, upload it to your LiDARMill account and send us an email. Click here for documentation on how to create a LiDARMill project and upload a mission.

Support eligibility and warranty

Not sure if you are eligible for support?
We keep things simple by offering an annual support plan known as PLS Care. PLS Care gets you unlimited technical support and access to the latest versions of our software. If you haven't paid for PLS CARE in a while, no worries! We'll never charge you for lapsed maintenance fees. If you're interested in purchasing PLS CARE, reach out to your sales representative, or simply email
Is your system covered under warranty?
All lidar systems come with a 1-year limited warranty on hardware. Purchasing PLS Care does not extend this warranty, however in the event that your system is returned to our facility for maintenance, you won't be charged for software costs if the system does have an active PLS Care subscription.