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Our mission is to build complete LiDAR mapping solutions crafted with quality hardware, innovative, intuitive software & vehicle flexibility in mind – to deliver surveyor-friendly solutions, enabling them to offer faster, safer & more economical service options without compromise.

Phoenix LiDAR Systems was established in 2013 as Phoenix Aerial Systems.

Our goal is to combine LiDAR scanning and UAV technologies into a complete solution for today’s generation of surveyors, giving them a system with a guaranteed return on investment – whether that is in terms of:

On-Site Safety

A safer and more cost-effective alternative

Eliminate Danger

Increase on-location safety by eliminating the need to physically travel through and/or over hazardous terrain

Data Acquisition

Optimizing the factors that make a difference

Quality & Speed

Phoenix LiDAR Systems works to increase speed of data acquisition while delivering precision, and quality control to effectively lower your job costs.

Vehicle Flexibility

Intuitive mobile mapping solutions

Platforms Matter

Phoenix LiDAR Systems offers terrain and vehicle flexible solutions, in particular LiDAR solutions for UAVs opening the doors to endless surveying applications.


Phoenix LiDAR Systems was built on innovation and has established itself as the leader in commercial UAV LiDAR Systems.

  • May 2012 – Foundation of Phoenix Aerial Systems + First UAV LiDAR integration prototyped  – with support from Velodyne’s Dr. Wolfgang Juchmann
  • July 2013 – Velodyne presents UAV LiDAR at sUSB Expo, crediting Phoenix – presented by Velodyne’s Dr. Wolfgang Juchmann followed by a standing ovation
  • Summer 2013 – First real-time 3D point cloud visualizer  – reducing data acquisition errors in the field
  • Summer 2014 – First commercial UAV LiDAR system launches  – the Phoenix AL2 system featuring a Velodyne sensor
  • June 2015 – First fixed-wing UAV with LiDAR integration
  • May 2016 – First VTOL fixed-wing UAV LiDAR system  – increasing range and speed, and protecting LiDAR equipment from rough landings
  • Nov 2016 – Phoenix Aerial Systems rebrands as Phoenix LiDAR Systems
  • Feb 2017  – First real-time 3D point cloud with RGB fusion – introducing the colored point cloud visualization
  • Sept 2017 – First cloud-based LiDAR post-processing platform, LiDARMill – reducing costs associated with LiDAR post-processing
  • Dec 2017 – First UAV LiDAR flight planner tool


Our LA based team is led by CEO and founder Grayson Omans, bringing engineering and business experience from corporations such as Schüco and Bosch, as well as CTO and Co-founder, Dr. Ben Adler, a computer scientist with PhD in robotics who pioneered autonomous point cloud acquisition using UAVs .

Phoenix LiDAR Systems is proud to design, test and manufacture products in the USA with an international in-house team and a network global third party suppliers and distributors. We currently employ talented salespeople, data post-processors, production engineers, developers, UAV technicians and pilots, as well as designers – all striving to create seamless, easy-to-use mapping solutions and services for an endless amount of possible applications.

Grayson Omans
Grayson OmansCEO, Co-founder
A highly experienced entrepreneur with over 15 successful years in the solar energy and electronics sectors. Grayson is a founding member of Phoenix LiDAR Systems and leads the development, sales and marketing of airborne and terrestrial laser mapping systems for PLS. With extensive experience in LiDAR and GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), Grayson brings great product management skills to help progress PLS’ mapping products.

Qualifications: BSc (Hons), Economics & Entrepreneurship, Cornell University

Ben Adler, Ph.D.
Ben Adler, Ph.D.CTO, Co-founder
An accomplished developer and pioneer into UAV technology, Ben received his Ph.D. in “System Design and Real-Time Guidance of an UAV for Autonomous Exploration of Outdoor Environments” at the University of Hamburg. Ben is not only CTO, but also a founding member of Phoenix LiDAR Systems and leads technology development, and integration of airborne and terrestrial laser mapping systems for PLS.

Qualifications: University of Hamburg, B.A., Ph.D.

Eric Agnello
Eric AgnelloDirector of Sales
A tech savvy, creative solutions architect, Eric started out as a recording artist and later as an engineer/producer. With an adept understanding of signal flow and data delivery through the advent of digital audio workstations, Eric’s transition into information tech, and eventually into LiDAR tech was natural. Eric was awarded with various honor society inductions including the NJCBAA, reserved for the top 1% of all collegiate business students in his home state of NJ. At Phoenix LiDAR Systems, Eric guides and coaches sales, and contributes common sense creativity to marketing and business development strategies as well.

Qualifications: BSc (Summa Cum Laude), Business Administration & Management; Minor – Financial Services, Berkeley College; ASc PC Support & Network Administration, Dover Business College

Stephanie Kelley
Stephanie KelleyConsulting CFO
Stephanie has over 15 years experience working in office administration and finance. She’s an equal left/right brain, so she has no problem organizing financial charts and system flows and turning around to pick out the best office plants and make sure everyone is staying happy! Steph transplanted to LA from New York (well, Brooklyn) about 2 years ago and has been in love ever since. She really does enjoy long walks on the beach.
Conrad Conterno
Conrad ConternoSr. Post Processing Engineer
Conrad has spent the majority of his career in the remote sensing industry, focused on creating automated processing tools and analytic methodologies. He holds a Master of Applied Science in Geospatial Information Technology, along with a firm belief that troubleshooting is the key to happiness.
Raymond Akol
Raymond AkolRegional Sales Representative
Raymond is a native Californian whose background in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) made him a great match for the Phoenix team. As a sales associate, Raymond relates to clients by drawing from his industry experience mapping utility infrastructure for the cities of Malibu and Pasadena. Having worked on both the client and provider sides of the industry, Raymond is eager to contribute to the growth and evolution of LiDAR applications.

Qualifications: BSc Geography, Remote Sensing, University of California, Santa Barbara

Juancarlos Rimola
Juancarlos RimolaProduction Manager
Juancarlos is manager of the Production Team, which is responsible for the assembly, calibration, and testing for every system that Phoenix LiDAR ships. Having worked previously with several UAV companies, most notably, DJI North America, JC is a skilled technician and veteran of drone operation and technology integration. His ability to troubleshoot, repair, and break down systems to component level makes him a powerhouse in production. A native of SoCal, JC is also an automotive enthusiast and mechanic, and enjoys tinkering with sport cars.
David Song
David SongBusiness Development Manager
A Southern California native with business experience in transportation and parking services. David studied computer engineering with focus on developing micro-controller programs. While searching for a tech company in Los Angeles, his experience at Tesla Motors helped refine his sales skills and to provide excellent customer service. Here at Phoenix LiDAR, David is continuing his studies in LiDAR technology and excited to discuss the applications and capabilities of our systems with our customers.
Lito Reyes
Lito ReyesSales Assistant
Like many of the Phoenix Lidar staff, Lito is a native Southern Californian, who spent over two decades in IT management. But his passion has always been in radio controlled vehicles, where he worked on the side as an editor and contributor for a number of magazines for 16 years, including Radio Control Car Action, published by Air Age Media – the industry leader in R/C hobby journalism. His career journey led him to Phoenix LiDAR Systems, where he can be surrounded by others who share his passion for technology. He is also an FAA Part 107 Certified pilot and sponsored R/C car and motorcycle racer.
Dalmacio Pueblos
Dalmacio PueblosProduction Technician
A skilled technical production master, Dalmacio, a Los Angeles native, has been with Phoenix since the start, working on all our products from R&D, to service and maintenance by day – while being a flame-throwing, leather crafting, Harley enthusiast by night.
Peter Chen
Peter ChenMechanical Engineer
Originally from Taiwan, Peter graduated with an engineering degree in Taiwan. After completing military training in his home country, Peter, motivated to be closer to his family and wife working in California, pursued a degree in transportation design at the prestigious ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California. He is a quiet, but brilliant 3D modeler, with incredible Solidworks skills who has been with us since the start.
Walter Galan
Walter GalanRemote Sensing Engineer
Walter is a graduate from San Francisco State University with a B.S in Computer Engineering and a minor in Electrical Engineering.
He has a diverse technical background, ranging from Technical Writing to Hardware/Software Engineering. At Phoenix LiDAR Systems, Walter
provides technical experience in LiDAR data processing and production as well as troubleshoots and solves routine LiDAR data processing issues.
Sam Girardi
Sam GirardiPilot & UAV Technician
The millennial glitch in our matrix of creative genius. Sam is a competition sailplane pilot turned commercial UAV pilot. He began mastering his craft at a very young age. Working in composite aircraft design, construction, and flight theory; Sam is always pushing the limits of what we think UAV’s are capable of. Including fixed wing, single rotor, multirotor, and experimental platforms.

Qualifications: Academy of Model Aeronautics, FAA part 107 certified, International Soaring Champion