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TerraHawk CW-20

Fixed-Wing VTOL UAV + LiDAR Combo

Phoenix’s TerraHawk CW-20

The Phoenix TerraHawk CW-20 is a powerful and lightweight fixed-wing UAV + LiDAR combo. This aircraft enables you to take advantage of the altitude and stability of fixed-wing UAV with the safety and convenience of a VTOL system.

Pairing Phoenix’s lightweight Scout Ultra LiDAR System with this innovative aircraft strikes the perfect balance between system strength and weight. A strong choice for mapping utility corridors and tackling difficult surveying conditions at higher speeds and altitudes, the Phoenix TerraHawk CW-20 boasts 3-hour autonomous flight times, an auto-return system, and a backup auto-landing system that initiates safe, multi-rotor landings if an abnormality is ever detected.


  • Recommended AGL: 100 m
  • Large Scan Area: Map up to 11 sq. km. in one flight
  • Industry Leading Flight Time: Fly to 3 hours
  • VTOL: No runway or launch/recovery equipment required, backup auto-landing system protects your LiDAR equipment
  • Fixed-Wing: Enjoy the speed and stability of a fixed-wing UAV
  • Autonomous Flight: Use waypoints for auto flight and return
  • Modular Upgrade Options: Photogrammetry Options (RTK): RGB, NIR, DSLR
  • Easy Assembly: 10-min assembly saves time in the field
Phoenix TerraHawk CW-20 - Phoenix LiDAR Systems

Specifications: Scout Ultra + TerraHawk CW-20

Max. Take-Off Weight
25 kg / 55.1 lbs.

17.8 kg / 39.2 lbs.

Wingspan / Fuselage
3.2 m / 1.8 m

Flight Time
3 hours (approx.)

Cruise Speed
25 m/s

Max. Speed
40 m/s

Specifications: Scout Ultra

Absolute Accuracy
55 mm RMSE @ 50 m Range

PP Attitude Heading RMS Error
0.019 / 0.074º IMU options

1.79 kg / 3.95 lbs.

Overall Dimensions
18.5 x 11.6 x 11.6 cm

Max. AGL
100 m

Scan Rate
600k shots/s, up to 2 returns

TerraHawk CW-20 Preview

TerraHawk CW-20 with T-32 - Phoenix LiDAR Systems

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