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The following section contains video tutorials on our products and software which you might find useful. However, should you require more assistance, Phoenix also offers extended training options at at fee.

SpatialExplorer 4.0

Fusing LAS files with SpatialExplorer 4.0


The following videos introduce SpatialFuser, which allows you to fuse acquired data into accurate deliverables.


Functional Overview and Layout

Graph Module

Map Module

Output Module


SpatialExplorer can monitor and control Phoenix LiDAR Systems in realtime as replay and visualize mapping missions in post. It is a great tool for calibration, flightplanning, analysis, training and marketing.

Part one of eight, this Phoenix LiDAR Systems tutorial gives you a brief introduction into Phoenix LiDAR Systems’ Spatial Explorer software and its uses.

Part two of our Spatial Explorer videos, this Phoenix LiDAR Systems tutorial will introduce you to Spatial Explorer’s user interface.

Part three of eight, in this tutorial you will learn how to load scan data into Phoenix LiDAR Systems’ Spatial Explorer.

The fourth episode in the Phoenix LiDAR Systems tutorials on Spatial Explorer teaches you about the various parameters within the Sensor Panel.

This fifth video in the Phoenix tutorial series briefly touches on some additional notes regarding the Sensor Panel within Spatial Explorer.

In episode six of eight, Phoenix LiDAR Systems will walk you through the parameters found within the “Local Settings”.

The seventh episode in the Spatial Explorer tutorial series will walk you through the camera sensor settings located under the Local Menu.

Finally this eighth tutorial video will try to give you an understanding on the LDR panel and its parameters within Spatial Explorer’s Local panel.

This video demonstrates post processing trajectories using NovAtel’s Inertial Explorer, LiDAR boresighting using SpatialExplorerBoreSighting, as well as calibration of intrinsic and extrinsic camera parameters using Pix4D and SpatialExplorer.


How to apply GEOID heights using LAStools

An introduction into configuring the LAStools command line application, so that LAStools can function anywhere from within a Windows environment.

Scout + Dual RGB Post Processing

Post processing Scout + Dual RGB data tutorial


LiDARMill Beta Tutorial (2017)

LiDARMill Tutorial (2018)

Phoenix Cloud Viewer Overview