Phoenix LiDAR Systems builds compact, multi-vehicle compatible, survey-grade laser mapping & photogrammetry solutions.

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What is Lidar?


With our rapid, remote data sensing solutions, Phoenix LiDAR products can service a range of applications. To name a few: Capturing topography in open pit mining areas; Power line, railway track and pipeline inspection; Terrain and canyon mapping; Construction site monitoring; Corridor mapping; Agriculture and forestry; Flood zone mapping; Land slide survey and mapping; Earthquake disaster mapping and more.

For the most commonly inquired about applications click the links below.

Phoenix LiDAR Development Planning / Modeling Elevation Scan

Development Planning / Modeling

Maximize efficiency by combining ground & aerial scans

Fused RGB imagery & high point density allows for easy separation of vegetation near buildings, producing cleaner building models

360° field of view ensures the underside of structures are scanned as well

Phoenix LiDAR Mining Pit Pointcloud


Powerful tool for identifying & targeting new areas w/ high exploration potential

Precise volumetric measurements day & night

Rapid data turn-around time

Precision slope modeling

Phoenix LiDAR Pipeline Pointcloud and RGB Fusion

Oil and Gas

High point density for proper modelling & localization of pipelines

High accuracy and point density for easy detection of erosion around supporting structures & access paths

Small beam divergence reduces position error on small targets

Phoenix LiDAR High Voltage Powerline Pointcloud

Utility Infrastructure

High sensitivity for detection of small ground wires, guy-wires & small vegetation

Small beam divergence reduces position error on small targets

High accuracy measurement of ground & vegetation clearance for line re-rating, as well as vegetation management

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