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Industry Pioneers in Aerial LiDAR Surveying


PHOENIX LIDAR SYSTEMS is a pioneer in the design and development of compact, flexible, survey-grade 3D laser mapping solutions. We teamed with Velodyne to develop the first UAV LiDAR integration prototype, introduced the first real time point cloud visualization software, and launched the first fully automated, cloud based LiDAR post processing solution.




Global Leader in Commercial UAV LiDAR Mapping Solutions

Phoenix LiDAR systems are developed to be durable and adaptable, ensuring they are able to meet the ever changing demands of your aerial LiDAR mapping project.



System Adaptability

Phoenix LiDAR payloads are designed to easily integrate with multiple platforms including multi-rotor and fixed wing VTOL UAS, ground vehicles, backpacks, manned aircraft, and boats, allowing data collection across a wide range of applications.



Streamlined Software Solutions

Phoenix LiDAR Systems offers the most streamlined software solutions in the industry. From planning and acquisition to hosting and delivery, our fully-automated cloud post-processing software provide a simple yet powerful start to finish workflow.

Premium Customization 

Phoenix LiDAR Systems produces the most advanced LiDAR solutions in the world. Each system is purposely built to meet our customer’s individual requirements. Solutions can be integrated as standard configurations, or customized with specialized component upgrades.

Training & Support 

Phoenix LiDAR Systems offers dedicated U.S. based support with unparalleled response times. We serve our customers through personalized hands-on product training from our expert engineers, pilots, and geospatial professionals.

Automated Post-Processing in the Cloud


Meet LiDARMill, the first cloud-based, LiDAR platform for post-processing, reporting and hosting, enabling surveying teams to take advantage of precision laser mapping without investing in expensive software & training.


Primary Applications

Use Phoenix LiDAR solutions to capture topography, inspect utility installations and construction sites, map disaster areas, conduct research for urban development and more.


LiDAR mapping solutions - Custom 3D Mapping Solutions


LiDAR mapping solutions - Custom 3D Mapping Solutions

Land Erosion

LiDAR mapping solutions - Custom 3D Mapping Solutions


LiDAR mapping solutions - Custom 3D Mapping Solutions


LiDAR mapping solutions - Custom 3D Mapping Solutions


LiDAR mapping solutions - Custom 3D Mapping Solutions


LiDAR mapping solutions - Custom 3D Mapping Solutions


LiDAR mapping solutions - Custom 3D Mapping Solutions


LiDAR mapping solutions - Custom 3D Mapping Solutions

Oil & Gas

LiDAR mapping solutions - Custom 3D Mapping Solutions



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February 23, 2023
What Happened at Geo Week 2023 in Denver, Colorado
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February 22, 2023
RANGER-ULTRA+ Offers Increased Range and Resolution
The RANGER-ULTRA+ adds range and density capabilities to an already unrivaled mapping system. It’s unique forward and rear looking field of view was designed to minimize laser shadowing and […]
October 26, 2022
What Happened at INTERGEO 2022 in Essen, Germany
Phoenix LiDAR System's surely left its mark on this year's exhibition. We introduced a record amount of never-before-seen LiDAR innovations that rocked the industry. NEW payloads, NEW aircraft, and NEW partnerships! […]
October 17, 2022
NEW Long-Range, Multi-Channel Mapping Scanner, the SCOUT-M2X
The ideal combination of performance, flexibility & affordability. Bringing a new level of precision & accuracy to the long trusted SCOUT lineup […]

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