Get a Complete Software Suite from Phoenix LiDAR Systems

The core of Phoenix LiDAR software, SpatialExplorer, is an expandable suite that contains everything you need for a start-to-finish remote sensing project. From acquisition and mission guidance to post processing and delivery.
SpatialPro (an SE module) gives users full control over their post-processing workflow. This desktop software contains industry leading calibration tools, spot on cloud colorization, custom analytics and classification, and automated reporting for missions from Airborne, UAV and Mobile systems.

Learn about the latest SpatialExplorer 7.0 features.

Get a Complete Software Suite from Phoenix LiDAR Systems

Phoenix LiDAR Systems provides its proprietary software suite for streamlined acquisition, geo-referencing, data fusion & export, with your system purchase.

Key Features




  • Configure all system sensor and store custom profiles to ensure the correct settings during each acquisition
  • A real-time point cloud and detailed navigation feedback provide instantaneous data quality control in the field
  • Live sensor control during acquisition allows the operator to respond as necessary



  • Cloud and local GNSS/INS trajectory processing options
  • Calibrate point clouds with industry leading trajectory optimization and boresight computation methods through Phoenix’s latest LiDARSnap
  • CameraSnap sensor calibration and image bundle adjustment creates seamless RGB projection
  • The ability to process data from airborne, mobile or other types of acquisitions using a single software
  • Custom data analysis through automated filtering routines, manual classification tools, change detection, clearance analysis, and more
  • Fully automated project and processing reports for internal QC and delivery to end user


Mission Guidance


  • Navigation guidance for pilots and mobile vehicle operators to stay exactly on the planned course
  • Collection management for operators to ensure accurate and complete data acquisition

What Tools Are Included?


 Flightline management
QC - cloud viewing & manual measurements
MTA resolution
OpenStreetMap - basemap
✓  Georeference imagery
 Export to LAS/LAZ
 Sensor configuration & profiles
Live GNSS/INS solution feedback
 Real-time point cloud
In-field quality control tool
IMU installation & configuration tool
Coordinate reference system management

Software Workflow

Learn how to properly utilize Spatial Explorer software tools to create an easy, start-to-finish workflow

Add-On Capabilities

LiDAR mapping solutions - Custom 3D Mapping Solutions


  • Pilot navigation display screen
  • Velocity, heading, and elevation monitor
  • Height maps and custom terrain models
  • Remaining time estimation
  • Operator flight plan view
  • Interactive line scheduling
  • Configurable tolerances
  • Automatic line management
  • Basemaps for spatial reference
  • AGL oracle
  • LiDAR mapping solutions - Custom 3D Mapping Solutions


  • Trajectory processing via Navlab or locally (with additional license)
  • LiDARSnap - boresight & trajectory optimization
  • Height maps and custom terrain models
  • CameraSnap - calibrate camera & imagery
  • Advanced radiometric balance & colorization
  • 360° imagery custom masking & color extraction
  • Multi-mission project calibration
  • Adjustment to GCP and/or a control point cloud
  • Import and colorize from orthomosaic
  • Classification routines
  • Import and calibrate 3rd party LAS/LAZ
  • Classification by fast interactive selections
  • Smart data decimation & smoothing
  • Statistical outlier and noise removal
  • Surface estimation tools
  • Change detection & vegetation encroachment
  • Raster and vector products (DEM, DSM, Contours...)
  • Application-specific exports (TopoDOT, Pix4D, etc)
  • Automated QC and accuracy reporting


    • Windows 10, 64bit
    • Minimum 16 GB RAM, more depending on pointcloud size (recommended >= 64GB)
    • OpenGL hardware support (recommended NVIDIA)
    • SSD for data storage and temporary processing data
    • Working internet connection for LiDARMill integration and for managing license activation

    What Our Clients Say About SpatialExplorer

    • Nick White, Director
      "Since we started using SE7, our workflow has now been made even easier as it is now done in a single software suite, the biggest advantage for us is the post processing of mobile data which was always a challenge in a 3rd party software we used to use, but now SE7 has knocked it out the park I wouldn’t have a problem recommending Phoenix Lidars hardware and software to anyone. One last thing to add that really makes a company is the staff at Phoenix Lidar System who are always extremely knowledgeable and friendly."
      Nick White, Director
      Southwest Surveys