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Optimize your LiDAR mission parameters before you fly.

Calculate your flight plan, review estimated LiDAR data quality, and upload a terrain-following KMZ directly to your UAV!

Explore the effects that different parameters have on your data before you fly. Estimate your data quality and reduce costs by experimenting with various flight paths, altitudes, and other variables using the Phoenix Flight Planner.

How does Phoenix Flight Planner Help Me?

LiDAR data is heavily affected by sensor, altitude, terrain, and more. Using the Flight Planner tool, Phoenix customers can save time and money by planning missions before going into the field.

  • Calculate your flight plan based on your area of interest (AOI).
  • Estimate your LiDAR swath and point density based on terrain, speed, and more.
  • Anticipate MTA zones that may affect data quality, especially in uneven terrain.
  • Upload a terrain-following KMZ directly to your UAV.
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How Does Flight Planner Work?

Flight Planner Area of Interest - Phoenix LiDAR Systems

Step 1: Choose Your Area of Interest (AOI)

Find your area of interest using the search bar or GPS coordinates, then click the map to outline it. The maps feature is based on Google Earth, so you’ll feel right at home as you navigate the globe.

Flight Planner Parameters - Phoenix LiDAR Systems

Step 2: Input Flight Parameters

Fill out your mission details by inputting system type, altitude, velocity, etc., then click “Calculate Flight Plan.” Try various flight plan adjustments and see how they affect your swath, point density, MTA zones, and more.

Flight Planner Upload to Drone - Phoenix LiDAR Systems

Step 3: Export Directly to UAV

Download your KMZ file from the Flight Planner tool and upload it to your drone, if it supports this feature. Now that you’ve optimized the mission, enjoy your flight with peace of mind!

Flight Planner: Basic Training

Maximize Your Flight Plan

Watch this video and to learn how to adjust features of your virtual flight plan to maximize the data you collect when you fly your LiDAR system. Double-click to view on a larger screen on YouTube.

Navigating Instructions

Flight Planner Screen Capture 2 - Phoenix LiDAR Systems

Mouse Controls

  • Left Click: change position
  • Scroll Button Click: tilt
  • Right Click: zoom

Flight Planner is crunching a lot of data, which can be a challenge for some browsers. For the best experience:

How Much Does Flight Planner Cost?

We’re proud to offer Flight Planner as a free service to all Phoenix LiDAR clients, login required.
Thank you for being members of the global Phoenix community.

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