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LiDARMiLL, the first cloud-based LiDAR post-processing platform, automates your post-processing workflow so you can spend more time meeting your clients' needs and achieving your business goals.
Looking for a user plan suitable for your business? Whether you’re a surveyor, utility company, or government office, LiDARMill has packages to meet your post-processing demands. Find your plan by clicking below:


Serve Clients Faster with LiDARMill

LiDAR acquisition is only half the job. Our goal is to decrease the time and cost for users to process their raw data into a calibrated point cloud with basic ground/non-ground classification. Meet LiDARMill, the first cloud-based LiDAR post-processing platform that enables surveying teams to take advantage of precision laser mapping without investing in expensive post-processing software and training.
Processing your LiDAR data in the cloud has never been easier. View your data, track project status, and invite clients to view point clouds – all from your LiDARMill dashboard with faster turnaround times and lower overhead costs. LiDARMill can be customized to serve any size organization, from small survey teams to government departments with heavy post-processing requirements.


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Who Benefits?

  • LiDAR post-processing involves costly hardware, software, and training. By processing in the cloud, surveyors save money

  • Photogrammetry service providers exploring LiDAR as an option to expand their offerings

    • LiDAR surveying companies that want to invest more in hardware and save on post-processing software costs

    • Educational LiDAR users and researchers who need to collect and analyze LiDAR data while limiting overall program expenditures



      LiDARMill Overview Video

      See how LiDARMill’s cloud post-processing platform fits into your workflow to help you deliver data faster, while saving time and money.



      LiDARMill Post Processing Tutorial

      Learn how easy and user friendly it is to upload raw data (lidar, imagery, navigation data, ground control, etc) to a new project, post process PPK trajectories, generate high accuracy georeferenced point clouds and derived data products, and QA/QC results.

      The LiDARMill Workflow

      Post-processing LiDAR data often requires major investments in equipment, training, and software licensing. LiDARMill streamlines the post-processing workflow, automatically generating a ground/non-ground LAS file and gridded DTM.


      LiDARMill Key Features


      NavLab: Trajectory

      NavLab combines IMU and GNSS data to generate a smoothed and accurate trajectory, a critical step to producing survey-grade data.

      Auto Flight Line Detection

      LiDARMill automatically detects and omits turns and calibration patterns, focusing only on data-collecting flight lines and reducing processing time.

      LiDARSnap Adjustment

      LiDARSnap is a powerful feature that minimizes offsets from multiple flight lines, exporting aligned data in the industry-standard LAS format.

      Classification & DTM

      LiDARMill automatically generates a ground/non-ground LAS and gridded DTM using data processed in previous steps.

      What Our Clients Say About LiDARMill

      • Alejandro Avila
        "In Aeromedia UAV, as the best drone specialists with LiDAR technology in Spain, we have been using LiDARMill since the beginning of the beta test days. Phoenix LiDAR understands what surveyors need. They built LiDARMill by asking clients questions about solving a lot of the problems we were having."
        Alejandro Avila
        Aeromedia UAV
      • Chris Hanson
        "Processing LiDAR data used to take our engineers so much time. LiDARMill does the heavy lifting in post-processing so we can spend time on the more complex workflows."
        Chris Hanson
        Maverick Drone Systems Website